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Improving Math
Performance is our

MathBoxe effectively and affordably delivers a full suite of powerful educational tools. Our program includes grade level assessments, benchmark tests, real-time progress tracking, remediation tools, individualized student learning plans (SLP), custom assignments, guided math practice, instant feedback, and many other features. There is no need to pay on an “a la carte'' basis for our tools and services. MathBoxe provides all the tools that schools and educators need in one powerful program. Our niche focus in mathematics allows us the focus and flexibility to adapt our program quickly based on shifting trends in math education.

Action based
Intervention &

MathBoxe simplifies the complex processes of early intervention and remediation. By providing a sophisticated reporting system with alerts and visual charts, educators are notified in real-time of math performance trends and learning gap areas. Math performance can be tracked at a district, school, classroom, or individual student level in seconds. Math challenge areas are identified by MathBoxe and educators are automatically provided with a recommended course of action to remediate problem areas in math. As part of this course of action, Educators are provided with recommended assignments for remediation as well as prerequisite assignments to assist students to build up the math skill they need to master a grade level topic.

Reinforcement &
Grade Level Mastery

Following a diagnostic assessment of a student’s math skills for their grade level, a clear plan of action is created to address each student’s unique math needs. This plan of action is called a SLP (or individualized student learning plan) and serves as a solid action plan that is aimed at bringing each student’s math skills up to grade level mastery. Students are tasked to study and complete prerequisite sessions in their challenge areas. Students are also provided with study notes, instant feedback on incorrectly answered math questions, and communication tools to address concerns with their teachers. Educators have the ability to further supplement a student’s experience by creating and sending custom assignments as additional practice to students in need. MathBoxe offers a guided and organized approach to helping students improve math skills, gain grade level mastery, and achieve higher test scores on class & state exams.

Customizable to your
school district's
processes & math
learning needs

Our technology allows us to quickly map and adapt our flexible options to the unique processes of your school district.